Leather crafting is something that has evolved over many years. It first began out of the necessity for clothing, footwear, and tools. In today’s age it has become a functional art form. Working with one’s hands and leather can be very fulfilling as a hobby. From the western world to designer handbags, there is something for everyone.

 From the moment you step into a leather shop, there is a natural draw to leather, a comforting warmness. From the smells of leather to the soft feel of a leather bag, it stirs up feelings and emotions. We try and keep a large selection of different leathers and colors to meet students needs for any given project.

It has been said that leather crafting is a dying art. However, at Alden’s School of Leather Trades we are devoted to keeping that art alive. We believe we must create new interest as well as pass along old traditions. We believe creativity is like a muscle; it must be worked to see it’s full potential. Because everyone has his or her own way of being creative, here at Alden’s School of Leather Trades, we lead every student in finding his or her full creative potential. When working with leather, each is only limited by his or her imagination as there is an endless canvas to work on. When broken down into elements that you can understand, the most complicated project can become simple.

Our classes are designed to give each student the best opportunity to learn, and because of that, each course is limited to no more than six students. This allows each student the opportunity to learn from more than just their own project, while maximizing their time to learn and practice techniques. We also believe the best learning environment is a fun one. We enjoy what we do and keep a positive atmosphere in the shop.


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